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Ares nerf & melee changes

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Valorant patch 4.01 notes: Ares nerf & melee changes

Valorant patch 4.01 is here, and it’s accompanied by a slew of nerfs to the now-tyrannical Ares, as well as the highly anticipated melee changes.

Valorant Episode 4 is upon us, gifting us a whole new battle pass to grind through, as well as Filipina speedster, Neon.

Patch 4.0 also adjusted some of the game’s most notorious weapons’ stats – although these changes haven’t exactly been the hit the devs were likely expecting them to be. Following complaints over the buffs to the now “broken” Ares, Riot have nerfed it once more in Patch 4.01.

Additionally, we’ll finally see the promised adjustments to the game’s melee, a weapon whose hitbox has been heavily criticized.

Valorant Patch 4.01 nerfs Ares

Patch 4.0 has transformed the Ares into a weapon of war. Removing the spin up (allowing the weapon to shoot immediately) and increasing the fire rate from 10 to 13 rounds/second, players have been taking advantage of its raw power and low price ever since Episode 4 began.



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