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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Heroes Rarely Seen in MPL Tournament

Sevy19Sevy19 Member 🛡 League Moderator

4 Heroes that are part of some of the most successful in Ranked Games but not yet picked much in recent pro tournaments

1. Clint

Fifth highest win rate in Legend+ and Ninth on Mythic 400+pts. Considered A Tier as a Gold Laner (some only put him at B Tier). He might not be as mobile as the likes of Natan and Claude but he has skill 2 to at least amped his survivability. In terms of damage, Claude with DHS might still be better in midgame while Natan still has higher damage in early to midgame but in late game, Clint is on par with these Gold Laners.

2. Chang'e

Her usage rate in pro scene dropped a lot after the release of the Radiant Armor item along with the other changes in the battlefield. But with the latest stats in ranked games, she has an average of 57.37% in Mythic 400+pts with a significant pick rate too. Her win rate is Legend+ ranks is also still a solid 52.04% with a bit higher pick rate. She is currently an A Tier midlaner and Gold laner (some still ranks her an A+ in spite of being just on the 4th priority set of picks).

3. Cyclops

He has 57.3% win rate in Mythic 400+pts and 52.26% in Legend+ (higher than Chang'e). Considered as A tier midlaner which is just a fine rating but based on his pick rate stats, he is underrated. Cyclops is actually good for solo queue players as aside from being a versatile one that can be played not only as a laner but also as a jungler, his damage is decent with that ultimate skill that can help in teamfights too.

4. Argus

Argus has made some appearances in recent pro games but is still not on average in pick rate. Currently, he has 56.39% win rate in Mythic 400+pts and in Legend+ rank, the Ninth highest in win rate. Considered as an A+ tier Gold Laner, a 2nd priority just behind Sun in the Fighter Gold Laner niche. With his improved wave clear and damage, he is now in par with the other great goldlaners. His ultimate skill is also a great advantage to have against other options.


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