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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Renata’ leaks reveal LoL champ name

XiangXiang Member, League Moderator 🛡 League Moderator

Renata’ leaks reveal LoL champ name

The first real leaks for League of Legends champ 159 have already begun appearing online, though all that we’ve got so far is her potential name — “Renata.”

This name appeared in a January 19 skins leak from Twitter insider @SybrLoL, which teases all the new Season 12 cosmetics coming across the early months of 2022. They include Anima, Bee-themed skins, Arcana, and of course a mention of Renata and her launch skin.

The leak also mentions Renata will be arriving alongside the Anima skins in patch 12.5, though this is far from confirmed, for the time being.

More solid leaks about Renata have come from Teamfight Tactics, the League autobattler title. She is an expected inclusion in the Neon Nights update as a new champion, with her traits being leaked online.



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