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League of Legends: Wild Rift

League’s upcoming Support

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Potential leak image revealed Renata, League’s upcoming Support

The 159th champion in League of Legends has been leaked: Renata, Zaun’s newest support, is going to shake up the meta

Riot confirmed two new League champions would be launched in the early months of 2022 at the 2021 Champion Roadmap. The first was Zeri, The Spark of Zaun, who debuted in Patch 12.2 and introduced electric gameplay to the Rift. However, the second champion, an enchanter support, has yet to be introduced by the developers.

The first actual leaks for League of Legends champion 159 have started to surface online, however, all we have so far is her possible name, “Renata.” This name was mentioned in a leak post from Twitter source SybrLoL, which previews all of the new Season 12 skins that would be released in the early months of 2022. Renata will be available with the Anima skins in patch 12.5, according to the source, however, this is far from verified at this moment.



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