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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Glasc Industries’ teaser website for new League champion

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Glasc Industries’ teaser website for new League champion

Since last September, Riot Games has been teasing a new support champion who believes that “all can be bought when you have enough cash.” And today, the company has unveiled a new website with a ton of information hinting at what the character is all about.

The website is advertising a fictional Runeterran company called Glasc Industries, which is a group looking to make chemtech “affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all.” Originally from Zaun, the company was founded by an alchemist named Renata Glasc, whose “visionary work has touched civil development, tech, and philanthropy.” She ultimately wants to etch a better future for society by “redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology.”

There are a plethora of products that Glasc Industries supposedly offers, but they all come in two lines: the Luxury Line and the Diffusion Line. The former is where beautiful designs meet innovative purposes, coming with a collection of new fragrances, self-defense tools, and augmented body parts to those who have the means to buy them.

The Diffusion Line, on the other hand, is made for more practical uses. Whether the Zaunite and Piltovan people need filtration masks for heading deep into Sump, replacement limbs, or medical alchemy, Zaun’s brightest minds have collaborated to create solutions to some of society’s toughest issues.

It’s clear that this new champion will be bringing plenty of new and exciting elements to Summoner’s Rift since they’re an innovator looking to change the world. For now, many League fans likely hope they’ll get more information—or even a new champion trailer—in the near future.



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