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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Streamer gets destroyed by support 3 levels lower

XiangXiang Member, League Moderator 🛡 League Moderator

League of Legends streamer gets destroyed by support 3 levels lower

It’s often tough to lose an early lead in League of Legends unless you make some foolish mistakes. The devs are constantly working on balancing Summoner’s Rift to appease players, but nothing is ever perfect.

An eyebrow-raising situation that sums up how balanced the game is at the moment happened in one of xFSN Saber’s matches.

He moved towards the mid lane, but once he arrived, he noticed the enemy Blitzcrank coming straight for him with Overdrive (W). The support was three levels behind Jhin, so he should have realistically been able to take him out. But not everything went to plan for the streamer.



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