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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Any idea about baron lane

MisafeMisafe Member ⚒ Classic

Sino magandang baron lane?


  • Any champion na applicable sa lane na yan ay pwede dahil walang OP hindi gaya sa ibang laro

  • jaborque92jaborque92 Member 🗡 Protege

    For me, its the core and the tank. Ideal kasi 2 ang nasa baron lane para mabilis makaback up

  • Emman_HaintoEmman_Hainto Member 🏹 Lite
    edited March 2021

    Baron lane is the home for every champ, the brains, the brunts, the cores, and even supports. It has 3 brushes useful for surprise attacks and teemo shrooms. I do recommend this lane because it is the lane for the less vulnerable in your team (just imagine a jungler wastes his abilities on a tank, for example). Baron and Dragon lane is interchangeable in position. Be wary about the signs on the base, and on the map

  • InzaneMindInzaneMind Member 🏹 Lite

    For me, those champs that have high survivability rates are most suited for baron lane. They can be tanky champs like nasus or darius, or adc's like vayne that have high mobility. As long as kaya mong makipagsabayan without risking everything, then you can go baron.

  • Depends on what your team lacks, if your team lacks magic damage ang cc, Kenmen is the one good, if frontline is missing, Malp is good

  • And baron lane pala dapat responsible for split pushing

  • XiangXiang Member, League Moderator 🛡 League Moderator


  • klengkleng Member ⛏ Enthusiast


  • klengkleng Member ⛏ Enthusiast

    Pero dapat responsible

  • klengkleng Member ⛏ Enthusiast

    But it depends talaga.diskarte lang

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