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Free Fire

Best Free Fire pets that were given for free in 2021

lorddgeelorddgee Member 🏹 Lite
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Agent Hop

Skill: Bouncing Bonus

This is the latest pet that users were able to acquire in Free Fire, and Garena added it to the Indian server of the game in late November. Agent Hop’s Bouncing Bonus skill grants players 30 EP when the safe zone shrinks.The same number rises to 50 once the pet is leveled up to its max.


Skill: Dragon Glare

Dreki was made available in the game back in April via the “Dreki Top Up,” and gamers who bought 300 diamonds could obtain it for free. The pet’s skill tags one opponent using a Medkit within 10 meters, lasting for 3 seconds.

Sensei Tig

Skill: Nimble Ninja

Sensi Tig takes the next spot on this list, and the pet possesses an incredible skill known as Nimble Ninja. It was initially incorporated in September of this year, alongside two skins and a pet action.In Nimble Ninja, the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills gets reduced by 30%, eventually becoming 50% at the highest.


Skill: Helping Hand

Beaston was the first new pet added to Free Fire this year, and users could acquire it in January. Helping Hand skill enhances the usage of utility items.At the first level, the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade increased by 10%. This boosts to 30% at skill level 3 (highest).

Dr. Beanie

Skill: Dashy Duckwalk

Dr. Beanie is an excellent pet that was given out for free during 2021, and the top-up event was accessible in July. Dashy Duckwalk raises the movement speed of individuals by a total of 30% when they are in the crouch position.When the pet reaches the highest level, the movement speed gets boosted by 60%.

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