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Free Fire

Characters change after ob 31

nonstopnonstop Member ⚒ Classic
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As u know in every ob update characters ability will changed so let's see which character are going to worse and which are going to best -

1. Chrono

As u know chorno ability are become worse in every update but in this one it's improved little bit cd is decreased and duration and damage capibilty is increased!! But but but .... This is worse update for chrono now u can't fire outside enemy nor enemy inside 🤣🤣 now just use chrono for reviving purpose !! 🤣🤣

2. K

K ability is improved very much and become a best character after ob update !!


A maxim became the most useful character after update but now garena's evil eye come to maxim too so he decreased maxim ability 😶😶

4. D-bee

It is also improved but still no one Can use !! 😕

5. Thiva

This was also improved but still no one will use !! 😕

There were no change in free fire so enjoy 🔥🔥

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