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Free Fire x Venom Collab Events Calendar: How To Get All The Venom Backpack, Venom Helmet, And Ghast

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Here are all the upcoming events in the Free Fire x Venom collaboration. Let's go check out and learn how to get all the free skins in the collaboration.

The free fire x venum collab  has officially hit Free Fire with a bunch of new events for players to obtain free themed skins. The collaboration will last from October 10 to October 24. Here is the list of events and rewards in the Free Fire x Venom collab.

Table of Content

1.Chaos quest

2. Chaos Attack

3. login to claim venom backpack

4. fight with venom power

1. Chaos Quest

Event duration: October 16 to October 24

During the event, complete daily event missions to get Carnage Tokens. Players can exchange for the Ghastly Venom Bundle using 15 Carnage Tokens. Here is the list of missions in the event:

  • Play 3 games in any mode
  • Kill 5 enemies
  • Play 60 minutes
  • Play 1 time with friends

Get the Ghastly Venom Bundle

2. Chaos Attack

Event duration: October 16 to October 24

In the Chaos Attack event, players will be able to get the Venom Motorbike skin by defeating the boss of the event. Players can deal damage to the boss using the event tokens. You can get these tokens by completing daily and weekly missions.

Here is the list of daily missions:

  • Login - 4 tokens
  • Play 1 game - 8 tokens
  • Play 5 games - 14 tokens
  • Play 1 game with friends - 3 Gold Royale Vouchers

Here is the list of weekly missions:

  •  Kill 15 people - 15 tokens
  • Play 15 games - 15 tokens
  • Play more than 100 minutes - 15 tokens
  • Login 5 days - 15 tokens

There are many options to deal damage to the boss but the best option is the 45-cost option. It will deal the most damage to the boss and maximize the value of your tokens. You can get the Venom Motorbike skin when you defeat the Level 3 boss in this Free Fire x Venom event.

Defeat the boss of the even to get the Venom Motorbike skin.


3. Login to claim Venom Backpack

Event duration: October 16

On October 16, players who log in to Free Fire will be able to claim the Venom Backpack.

Log in to claim the Venom Backpack.

4. Fight with Venom's power

Event duration: October 16

On October 16, players can claim the Venom Helmet by playing Free Fire for 60 minutes.

Play for 60 minutes to get the Carnage Helmet.



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