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Codashop's New Look - The brand is going over the top with a new ‘Epic Skin’

snowsnow Member, League Moderator 🛡 League Moderator

So guys do you like this new codashop theme ??

I think now this is more fun, Codaclub improving their sites in every updates, to be honest purple is my favourite colour so I really love this new looks which is so colourful and enjoyable....looks like yes here we go gamer let's have some fun 💫😍

The brand is going over the top with a new ‘Epic Skin’

We love helping users top up and personalize their favorite gaming characters and items at Codashop. From equipping characters with legendary and humorous skins to arming loadouts and dispensing credits in famous games, there's something for everyone. In keeping with our commitment to improving your gaming experience, we've given ourselves a makeover with a bright new epic skin...

Welcome to the all new Codashop!

Let me know in the comments section about your reviews on new look of our Codaclub community 💜⭐✨🌸

Your review and opinions matters 🌸✨


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