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10 Dating Tips for Gamers!

1. Discuss where to meet: Find Gaming Forums with a good environment for discussion. Gather common topics to crack the conversation like games, books, films, food and others.

2. Donโ€™t be afraid: Ask for help and start creating bond over a game. For example - How to level up fast, Top heroes to use etc.โ€จ

3. Show interest: Be attentive and all ears. Your date will surely reward you with points for that. Regardless of whether youโ€™re a gaming pro, asking even the most basic questions shows you are willing to learn about something that means a lot to your partner.

4. Offer a game challenge: Offer a bet to your partner but do not try to win by all means. The idea is to spare some fun moments and boost your love relationship.

5. Celebrate their wins: Cheering on your partner as they play the game is the perfect way to show respect for their hobby and interest in their success.

6. Be Teammates, Not Opponents: If youโ€™re open to gaming with your partner, gamers recommend you play co-op, so you work toward a common goal rather than against each other.

7. Play together: Join your partner in multiplayer gaming, something that youโ€™ll both enjoy! Also donโ€™t dismiss the invitation to play your partnerโ€™s favourite game.โ€จ

8. Give Your Partner the Gaming Freedom: Let your partner play day and night. At some point, he/she will get bored. No, really, they sometimes donโ€™t want to play. You just need to be patient and understanding.

9. Remember this simple secret: Bringing gamer food while your date is playing is like the best thing in the world!โ€จ

10. Conclusion: In the beginning, you may feel that games take all the space. It is just the first impression and very soon you both will be comfortable and be the best gaming partners. Respect your partner and do not try to change according to your needs.

Happy Valentine's Day!โ€จโค๏ธ


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