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Free Fire

Winged Bones Free Fire Backpack Leaks

harsh0009harsh0009 Member 🗡 Protege

Free Fire has a lot of new and cool skins. Including the Winged Bones Free Fire Backpack Leak, of course this is one of the best choices for you to have right now. In fact, there are some things we can do right now.

Especially for the Winged Bones Free Fire Backpack Leak, you probably should know and don't want to miss all the updates. Because there are some things that we can get, if we look at this leak, such as information and the form of the leak as well.

For now, we will have another new backpack called Winged Bones, one of the skins that will be released soon. Indeed, no one knows when this will appear soon, but apparently this is one of the Prizes that will be this year, right.

Well, in terms of appearance, this backpack has 3 different levels and has a different type of skin. The name is the same, but the shape of each level does change from the first part until now in this Free Fire game.

For Level 1 we will see that the Skin backpack, it will look normal and have a fairly small size. Of course, if it looks small there is no effect, it's bad, but the Gold color and some Transparent parts make it a little interesting.

In the center itself, we see that there is a skull with golden eyes, although it has not yet fully formed its facial appearance.

Then at level 2, there is a slight deformity of the transparent parts of the Golden Wings as well as a skull face. Now for the face itself, we can see, if the skin starts to show a formed face and emits bright golden eyes.

Then for the last Level or 3, this skin begins to grow bigger than its initial form. Then if you look at the skull, it turns out that it already has a change in its face, it shines more and uses a crown.

In that position, using a level 3 Backpack Skin will immediately receive another additional Effect. For example, when you attack and jump, the skull will roar with sound waves.

Well if you like it, then now is the time to collect money and have this Skin and then use it when competing.

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