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Free Fire

How to Get Skin Uzi Free Fire

harsh0009harsh0009 Member 🗡 Protege

You have to know how to get the Uzi Free Fire skin, one of the newest skins. Even if it is seen from the shape and appearance, it is quite different and one of the cool skins but the shape is small now.

Maybe you guys will like the Skin, it will even have some interesting prizes that we can try. Of course, completing one of the Missions in this game when the event takes place, is indeed one of the right choices to get better prizes.

Then for How to Get Skin Uzi Free Fire , let's immediately have this new Skin. Players might be interested in this skin, because what we know is that the shape of the skin is also very attractive for players to use later.

Well, for the first time, you already know the important part, how to have this skin, which includes enough pictures. You need to spin in Weapon Royale, then hope to get one of the Prizes that are present in the feature, especially the main part.

The additional stats that Uzi provides also help Rush players, the Damage + and Accuracy ++ sections of course make Uzi's weapons more dangerous. Then the Reload Speed ​​section has been reduced, it's just that it won't have much effect when you use it.

Skin Uzi and there is also a Mag 7 which is among the coolest, when will you see small weapons have an effect. We can also say that the Uzi is a first-effect skinned gun, other pistols, if I'm not mistaken, are just cooler.

Furthermore, Skin Mag 7 has an addition to the Range and Accuracy + section, for Reload Speed ​​also has been reduced. Things like this are indeed balanced for both weapons, you will definitely like it and use it later.

After knowing How to Get Skin Uzi Free Fire let's immediately have other things that are much more exciting. Surely for this skin there are some gold effects, if you really like it, you have to spin it right away and try your luck.

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