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Free Fire Top Green Criminal Bundle: How to get the Top Green Criminal Bundle

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Yesterdy Garena announces a brand new bundle named “Top Green Criminal Bundle”. Theyty bundle is coming back to the game as a part of the 4th Anniversary event.

The Green Criminal bundle used to be one of the most famous sets which all players wanted to own. Garena’s tweet says, “Make a statement before you land on the battlefield”. The bundle indeed makes a powerful statement when equipped in Free Fire mobile.

Free Fire Top Green Criminal Bundle: How to get the bundle step-by-step guide

The bundle is now available in the Raider spin of the game. The bundle will only be available in-game till 20th August 2021. Claim the bundle by following the steps given below:

Step 1- Players need to launch the game and the banner will immediately pop up on the screen.

Step 2- Click on the “Enter Now” option at the bottom right corner of the banner

Step 3- The Raider spin page will come up and now you will have 3 options to spin it

Step 4- 1 spin (Costs 20 diamonds), 5 spins (Costs 90 diamonds), and the Special spin option which has a triple chance of winning the grand prize than the normal spins (Costs 30 diamonds)

Well if you want and you have daimonds so you can take this bundle

I got this bundle in just 2.8k daimonds

You can spin in this event if you want this bundle even this is a rare bundle too

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