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Free Fire

Free Fire Ranked Season 22: Best gun combination to push rank in Free Fire

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Best gun combination to push rank in Free Fire


The first on the list is my personal favourite and both these weapons can be collected from an airdrop which might be similar to painting a target on yourself. For this combination, I can take any risk, but I recommend you to follow the airdrop, create an ambush, take down opponents and then go for the drop. AUG is one of the finest ARs among the entire lot and that is why it comes in an airdrop. However, do note that the weapon lacks accuracy and might miss targets several times in long and mid-range targets. 

That is why we clubbed it with AWM because it's the deadliest sniper and one perfect headshot is enough to take down the enemy. The combination is superb but you need to practice a lot to master both the weapons

Scar and M14

The combination of two AR Scar and M14 can be a treat for you if you know what I mean. AR weapons are one of the most customizable weapons which can be used for long, shot, and mid-range battles. The scar is one of the highest damage rates of 77 and also the quickest free fire weapon. One round of fire is more than enough to take down the enemies. You can club it with a 2x or 4x scope to get the best use of it. 

The M14 is one of the slowest ARs in the game but as I mentioned above ARs are capable of doing almost everything you can use as a sniper by changing the fire mode from auto to single. With this, your impact of the fire remains the same and you can commence long shorts without too much recoil. 

M249 clubbed with MP40

M249 and MP40 are LMG and SMG respectively. M249 is one of the best weapons when it comes to taking a shot from long range, it delivers decent damage at long range and impressive damage at mid-range. Some say that M249 for close combat, but if you get your sensitive settings correct then it is the best one to take down the enemies as it shoots 100 bullets in one mag. 

While the little Mp40 is recommendable because it is one of the stable SMGs among the others and the firing speed is commendable. You can control the recoil and take perfect aim when it comes to close combat. Both the weapons are a deadly combination and it will help you in pushing rank much easily. Hope your enemies don't use the same combination.

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