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Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass (August 021): Release Date, Pre-Order, Items & Rewards

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What Is Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass Release Date?

The Season 39 Elite Pass (S39 EP) is scheduled to release on August 1, 2021, and will be there in the game for the whole month of August. That is why it can also be called as August 2021 Elite Pass. Every season/month, Free Fire gets a Free Pass also, along with the Elite Pass. The Free Pass brings some free average quality items for all players. So players will get to see Season 39 Free Pass also from August 1, 2021, itself.

When Will S39 EP Pre-Order Start?

Before releasing every new Elite Pass in Free Fire, developers take in-game pre-orders and offer an exclusive pre-order reward. The pre-orders of the Season 39 Elite Pass will start in Free Fire from July 29, 2021, and ends on July 31, 2021. The pre-order of the EP can be made by paying a fixed sum of 999 diamonds.

What Are FF Season 39 Elite Pass Items/Rewards?

1. Pick-Up Truck Skin – 0 Badges

2. Avatar – 10 Badges

3. Jacket – 15 Badges

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4. Banner – 30 Badges

5. Female Bundle – 50 Badges

6. Treatment Gun Skin – 80 Badges

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7. Backpack – 100 Badges

8. Banner – 115 Badges

9. Parang Skin – 125 Badges

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10. Avatar – 135 Badges

11. The Walker Emote – 140 Badges

12. Surfboard Skin – 150 Badges

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13. Loot Box Skin – 200 Badges

14. Male Bundle – 225 Badges 

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