Codashop Global Series Free Fire: Registration Process - How to Register | April 2021

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Codashop Global Series - India | Free Fire, the most anticipated Free Fire event, is knocking at the door and we know all you are excited because this is the fifth time.

However, a lot of you seem to have a multitude of questions and misconceptions regarding the registration phase and the event alike. Therefore, we aim to clear up all the doubts and dive into the registration processbasic rules and FAQs about Codashop Global Series - India | Free Fire.

Basic Rules:

1) First Come, First Serve. Be quick to register for the tournament. 

2) You must be registered on CodaClub and have verified account. Register here

3) Past CGS Winning Players can’t play

4) All other rules will be given in the Rulebook. Follow this thread to stay updated with the rulebook. 

Registration Process

1) Link to the CodaClub post for registration will be posted on Codashop Facebook Page on 20 April 4 PM IST. CodaClub users will get notified when the link is posted!

2)  After going to the link follow the steps and fill the form with your CodaClub account screenshot and your team details such as IGN, UID, Team Name, Team Logo, Leaders Name. 

3) You should receive a confirmation mail if your team passes, within 11 PM of 20 April along with Discord Link

4) Join Discord server within 4 PM of 21 April

5) Your qualifier matches will start from 22 April

Registration opens on 20 April at 4 PM sharp! This is a first come, first serve method so be sure to be quick to join the party. Don’t miss this chance of bagging the ultimate prize-pool of 60,000 INR and reigning supreme!


Here are some Important FAQs

1) I am from another country can I play? - No, This is only for India. If Codashop is in your country wait for CGS to come there.

2) Can we play on iPad? - Yes but emulators aren’t allowed

3) Is it free? - Registration is completely free.

4) How to register? - Google Forms link will be posted on CodaClub at 3:55 PM , 20 April

5) What Details do I need to register? - Team leaders IGN, Real Name, UID, Email Address, Mobile Number, Discord ID - All other players’ IGN and UID

6) How to know my registration is done? - After registration a dialogue will be shown saying if it’s done or not. Read it carefully.

7) Where will I get match ID password and schedule? - All will be given in CGS India Discord. Discord Link will be given via SMS to the team leaders. Must join within said time.

8) Do we need to be in the same guild? Do our names need to be similar? - No, You can be from different guilds and have different names but you maybe asked to change later in the tournament.

9) What is the minimum ID level? - Minimum Level is 40 to be able to participate.

Comment down or Message here for any other queries.

So make sure to join and invite your friends to join the Codaclub India Community in order to stay updated about Codashop Global Series India!

Register Today and stay on the go! -

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