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Free Fire


perwasf0559jperwasf0559j Member ⚒ Classic

jai is a fantastic character most suited for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire. However, he is also instrumental during intense fights in classic and ranked mode matches.

Jai has a skill called Raging Reload. After knocking down an opponent, he can reload a gun's magazine instantly by 30%. However, this reloading capability is restricted to weapons in the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG classes.

The overall magazine reloading capacity would increase to 45% at Jai's highest level, 6.

Hayato is a great character for intense and short game modes and matches. He is quite popular and is mainly desired in Clash Squad matches.

His skill is called Bushido, and the enemy's armor penetration increases by 7.5 percent for every 10% decrease in maximum HP of the player at the character's base stage 1.

When Hayato reaches level 6, the armor penetration increases by 10% for every 10% reduction in total HP.



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