Codashop Global Series Free Fire: Announcement and Trailer | April 2021

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As the legacy of Codashop Global Series looms towards an all-time high, we are proud to announce the comeback of our signature title, Codashop a Global Series - India | Free Fire! FOR THE FIFTH TIME!

Since the birth of this franchise, we have aimed to deliver events suited to everyone's interests, skills, and determination. As the days went by, we grew a dedicated audience which gradually transitioned into an entire community — a community full of like-minded enthusiasts.

To serve our community of enthusiasts, Codashop announce the April edition of Codashop Global Series - India | Free Fire! With a whopping prizepool of 60,000 INR, the stage is set for domination again. After Tax Deductions the prizepool will be 45,000 INR!

Get ready as the registration kicks off on 17 April 2020. First come, first serve! So you have to be quick!

Not to mention, lucky live stream viewers and sharers will have the opportunity to grab special rewards and diamonds during the live streams. Don’t miss them!

Invite your friends to join the Codaclub India Community in order to stay updated about Codashop Global Series India! Register Today and stay on the go! -

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