5 Inadvisable Characters to play Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire!

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Hey y'all πŸ’›

I hope that you folks are having a wonderful time out there. For today's discussion we going to talk about the characters that one should avoid while playing Clash Squad Mode.

As we all know that Free Fire got alot of characters to choose from and also it offers a varied range of Modes to play too. However, Clash Squad Mode is one of the most popular out of them coz of the intense fight between squads.

So let's get right into it,

# 1. Ford :

As of talking about, Ford has a passive ability called Iron Will. His ability reduces damage when outside the safe zone.

So this character is totally inefficient for the Clash Squad mode as this mode does not feature any concept of a safe zone or blue zone at all.

# 2. Misha :

Misha's skill, Afterburner which increases the driving speed of vehicle which is related to vehicles.

Since, Clash Squad mode does not include any vehicles on the map, Misha's ability is totally futile.Β 

#3. Notora :

Notora and Misha almost share similar traits with a slight of difference. Notora has the ability called Racer's Blessings. Her skill allows her to restore HP to all of her vehicle members in certain period.

Since her ability is also tied to the vehicle, she is unfit for Clash Squad mode.

#4. Wolfrahh :

As of Wolfrahh's skill it's called Limelight. It allows player to have extra damage in every shot they perform and also it reduces the damage dealt while receiving a headshot.

Wolfrahh is not totally inefficient in Clash Squad mode. Still, his ability depends on other players spectating him. So he's not reliable during the Clash Squad mode's opening rounds.

# 5. Rafael :

Rafael has an active ability in Free Fire called Dead Silent which at allows player to hide the gunshots on the map for certain seconds, accompanied with a cooldown period.

InΒ Clash SquadΒ mode, gunshot hiding ability is not really required as the map is tiny. Opponents can spot him quite easily during close-range fights. Hence, players should avoid picking Rafael for the Clash Squad mode.

With that being said I'll rest my case here, will love to see you guys thoughts on this as well as which character you prefer in Clash Squad Mode. Thank you reading! πŸ’™

~Peace Out~


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