Free Fire X Attack on Titan Gun Skin Leaked ⚔️

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Hey y'all,

Hope that you all are doing fine. So today I'm going to get you free fire users some of the sneak pics for the most awaited and huge collab of Attack on Titan X Free Fire.

So for the first thing

Colossal Titan Gun Skin :

The leaked Attack on Titan gun skin for M1014 is designed based on the iconic Colossal Titan in the anime franchise. You can see the resemblance through the bones and muscles that cover the gun along with the Colossal Titan’s head where the gun’s barrel pops up. 

This Attack on Titan gun skin is rumored to be a Mythic grade skin due to its fantastic attention to detail and visual effects. It also means that the gun skin will significantly boost the gun’s stats. However, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt since data miners only spotted them in the game’s advanced servers. Garena might make some changes before it gets released in the regular servers of Free Fire. 

Also there are costumes specially related to Attack on Titan

During the event, players will be able to wear costumes based on various characters from Attack on Titan. According to the leak, the event will feature costumes for Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, the Attack Titan, and the Armored Titan. The male Survey Corps costume will be based on Levi and the female Survey Corps costume will be based on Mikasa.

Hope that you all are be excited for the event and if any of you want to take part in the event and planning to get some of the Gun skins and Costumes you might need to get stocked up on dias for that you can go through this link

to top-up through Coda Shop and can find some of the most exclusive offers for recharging.

Thank you for reading as always and drop your views regarding to the event in the comment section 💛

@LinaQ @Max_Coda @Akash @Taki_Rex @snow @vipulgujela33 @@Max5718wto_allofmysmollbeans if you still down here ❤️

~Peace Out~


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