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House Rules

Reporting a content

CodaclubCodaclub Administrator 🎮

Please help us build a safe and friendly online forum by reporting posts and contents that violate our House Rules.

Click on the "flag" icon if you're using desktop, or the triple dot "..." if using mobile. Select which action you'd like to take accordingly:

❗️SPAM: if the content has been posted multiple times for self-serving reasons; or to flag bots, anything that seems not written by humans.

❗️ABUSE: if the content has graphic or disturbing images, pornography, or hateful messages. The general rule is, if the content is something you can't open in public, then it is not safe for the community.

However, if the post is something you disagree with on a personal basis and does not condemn other individuals, please leave it as is and respect each other's opinion.

Posts that are flagged 5x as abuse are automatically hidden and queued for Community Manager or League Moderator's assessment.

❗️REPORT: if the content is neither a spam nor abuse but disregards any of our House Rules, please call the Community Manager and League Moderator's attention.

Select Report, then tick the reason from the defined list. Add a note if you wish to elaborate further.

  • Duplicate
  • Offensive
  • Soliciting
  • Spam
  • Unauthorized Selling

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